TroopTrack scouting software works equally well for traditional packs, troops, and crews plus American Heritage Girls, and Girl Scout Troops, and Trail Life USA.
Find Out for Yourself

The best way to find out if TroopTrack is right for you is to try it. That's why we give out free 30 day trials like they are Halloween candy, and we won't ask you for your credit card information until you are ready to purchase.

TroopTrack is free for 30 days.

  • No credit card needed
  • Full-featured free trial
  • Free data import from
    • TroopMaster
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    • ScoutTrack
    • PackMaster
TroopTrack scouting software makes creating a troop or pack calendar easy

Plan Your Next Scouting Event With Ease

Planning scouting events requires juggling invitations, RSVPs, tracking attendance, permission slips, dues, and more. The TroopTrack calendar makes it easy - use it to:

  • Invite members to an event
  • Send an event reminder just before the event
  • Attach a permission slip or other form
  • Communicate attendance requirements such as dues, equipment needed, etc
  • Track attendance and see who has RSVP'd

Records Management Doesn't Have to Be a Pain

As a scout leader, you know the challenge of keeping track of everything you need to know about your Troop or Pack. It's easy to lose track of contact information, medical forms, equipment borrowed by a scout or scouter, books in your library, training, etc. TroopTrack has lots of features that make keeping up-to-date easier, including:

  • Member records (includes contact and medical info)
  • Training records, including a reminder required training is incomplete or expires
  • A printable roster that you can customize
  • Pre-filled BSA forms like Troop Advancement Reports, Blue Cards, and Tour Plans
  • Customizable reports
  • Money management at the unit and scout level
Members come and go. That's why TroopTrack makes it easy to add, edit, and remove members as your scouting unit changes

Need to send an email to the wolf den? Piece of cake!

Your TroopTrack subscription includes a customizable email list server that makes it easy to communicate with the whole troop or just parts of it. TroopTrack automatically creates a few email lists for you to make it easy to communicate with parents, leaders, scouts, patrols, and dens, but you can also add your own. Better still, you can control who can use the lists so that your email lists don't get taken over by spammers.

TroopTrack has an announcement feature you can use to display a headline whenever a troop member logs in. Some units use this feature to communicate a monthly theme, other's use it to remind members of an upcoming event or deadline.

Powerful features for helping scouts and scouters achieve

By combining detailed requirements with highly visible progress for rank advancement, merit badges, and awards, TroopTrack delivers powerful features for tracking each scout's progress along the scouting trail. Awards aren't just for scouts however, and TroopTrack supports adult awards as well.

Scouts, parents, and leaders can all use TroopTrack's achievement features to keep on top of achievement information. Scouts and parents can see their progress and, where allowed by BSA, even record progress. Leaders can enter achievement information one scout at a time or for a group of scouts at once.


Share the Joy of Scouting

Scouting means learning, growing, and sharing. TroopTrack makes it easy to share photos from your latest hike, campout, or service project with private photo galleries that are only accessible to your troop. You can also use TroopTrack to create any number of web pages, public or private, with no HTML experience required. You can also use TroopTrack to share links with your fellow scouters using TroopTrack's Recommended Sites feature.


It’s nice to be able to create web pages without needing to know html and have it integrated with our troop calendar, advancement tracking, and other features. I also like the automated progress reports the system emails out to special interested committee members. I compared with other scouting solutions and chose TroopTrack.

Dan Ulvila, Troop 1939

I love TroopTrack - it's so much easier to keep the parents of my Webelos up-to-date with TroopTrack's email lists and calendar. It makes achievement tracking a breeze too. After each meeting, I use my iPad to record who came and which requirements we've passed off. It's awesome.

Shannon Christiansen, Pack 555

TroopTrack has really made my job easier as a scoutmaster. The parents love the ability to check in anytime to see how their boy is doing. I love that I can have a central location to store all my data without keeping a complicated spreadsheet or worrying about backing up my own data. The staff is very responsive and open when I send them a feature request. They've really made TroopTrack a valuable tool for our troop. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Kevin Myrup, Troop 651

Great Features for Everyone

Most scouting software for scouting units is focused almost exclusively on the leaders, particularly the advancement chair. Not TroopTrack. Sure, TroopTrack makes life easier for the advancement committee, but it also makes life better for every member of your Troop or Pack. That includes scouts, parents, merit badge counselors, and other leaders - they are all able to log in to TroopTrack and use it in their role as a member of your unit. Everyone will love being able to Plan, Manage, Achieve, Communicate, and Share with TroopTrack.